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Fireman's Park addition: What's it about?
3/28/2002 - Ken Dahl, Cottage Grove Economic Development Corporation
Read answers to frequently asked questions about, and view a diagram of, the proposed recreation facility adjacent to Fireman's park sumbitted by Ken Dahl, Village Board Member.

Proposed Layout of Fireman's park. What is the Fireman’s Park addition?
In 2001, the Village of Cottage Grove purchased 38.3 acres adjacent to Fireman’s Park for a community recreational facility. This proposed facility will include:

    (Click on image to see a more detailed view)
  • a baseball diamond
  • two softball diamonds
  • a playground and picnic area
  • an indoor ice arena
  • a soccer field and a practice soccer field
  • a swimming pool and
  • two tennis courts
Why does the community need such a facility?
As a community with a growing population of school age and young adults, there simply are not enough recreational facilities in the community to satisfy the demand. This addition would allow community functions like the Fireman's Festival to offer more activities and would allow more community celebrations to be held in the community, especially at this park.

How will the Village fund the land purchase?
The Village purchased the land for $333,600. It has until the end of 2003 to pay for the land. To date, the Village has received two grants for the land purchase: $124,475 from the Stewardship Grant and $25,000 from the Madison Community Foundation, totaling $149,275. The Village also has applied for a $50,000 grant from the Evjue Foundation. If the Village is successful in receiving this grant, the remaining balance on the land purchase is $134,125. The Village has approached the Township to split this balance, each paying $67,062.50.

What is the construction timetable?
Construction of the recreational fields and facilities is anticipated to be constructed over a 10-year period.

When would construction begin?
No construction will begin until the land is paid in full. The Village has asked the Town Board to contribute to the cost of the land purchase and park development since the facility will be used by both communities. The Town Board voted to authorize a special advisory referendum on April 2 to assess the community's interest in paying additional property taxes to support up to $1.5 million to the land purchase and park improvements.

What is the language for the Town referendum?
Are you willing to pay additional taxes to support the estimated expenditure of, not to exceed, $1,500,000 to expand Fireman’s Park by purchasing land adjacent to Fireman’s Park ($92,062.50) and to cover the estimated cost of improvements ($1,404,947.50) with the Village of Cottage Grove?

Why does the referendum state $92,000 for the land?
The Town referendum does not take into account the $50,000 grant from the Evjue Foundation.

Are there any other organizations or groups that may be involved with the development of theFireman's Park addition?
The Village and the Monona Grove School District have discussed the possibility that the school district will fund the soccer fields and use them for its practices and games. Another private group has expressed an interest in funding the ice arena.

Is there any other way to get additional funding?
The Village has interviewed two fundraising firms; one of them could be hired for a fundraising effort.

How much money does this firm project to raise?
It is hoped one of these firms would raise funds for the majority of the construction and remaining land costs for the park addition.

What happens if the Town passes the referendum?
If the Village and Town boards split the cost of land purchase, development, and maintenance it is possible the recreational fees for both the Town and Village would be the same.

What happens if the Town does not go in with the Village on the Fireman's Park expansion?
If the Town residents choose not to help fund this facility, those who participate in activities in the Village parks will pay higher fees than Village residents. If a fundraising firm was hired, it is possible that paying for one recreational activity would cost a Town resident about the same as the tax increase.

Who do I contact to learn more about this issue?
Call the Village Hall, 839-4704, and talk to Jim Mattke, village recreation director, or contact Jim Guy, Village Park and Recreation Board chair, directly. If you have other questions, feel free to email comments@cottagegroveonline.com.

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