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7/2/2006 - Ken Dahl, Cottage Grove Economic Development Corporation
New Library Will Contain Extensive Collections for Adult Patrons By Lisa Selje, Interim Library Director

This is the second in a series of articles to keep the community informed about the Cottage Grove Community Library. Last month the focus was on the Childrenís Area of the new library and we received some positive feedback on that article. This installment will focus on adult collections and services.

What comes to mind when you think about a library? Books perhaps? Most people know libraries also have newspapers and magazines. Our library will have that interesting article you heard about in the Capital Times along with the Wall Street Journal. If you are planning a weekend in Milwaukee, then the entertainment section of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will be available. And donít forget our own Herald-Independent for current local news! We hope to have about 125 magazine titles to browse, everything from Consumer Reports and People, to Madison magazine and Wisconsin Sportsman, plus much more. Perhaps when you think of the library, you only think about the latest bestseller, the newest book by John Grisham, Danielle Steel or James Patterson. Your local library will have the latest bestsellers in several genres Ėromance, action/suspense, science fiction and fantasy. Our library will also have an extensive non-fiction collection, In fact, letís do a little review of the Dewey Decimal System we all learned in school. Nonfiction books are classified by a Dewey number from 000-999. The 000-099 section includes ďGeneralitiesĒ like encyclopedias and bibliographies. You will also find computer books here, like Microsoft Office for Windows, eBay: Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks, and The Complete Idiotís Guide to Creating a Web Page and Blog.

The 100-199 section has books on Philosophy and Psychology. It also includes topics like astrology and ethics, so here youíll find books like The Only Astrology Book Youíll Ever Need and The Lesser Evil: Political ethics in an age of terror and Graveís End: A true ghost story. The 200-299 series is the Religion section. Perhaps you have an interest in learning more about Islam, or about the Jewish holiday Passover and making a traditional recipe for the Seder, or reading a Biblical bedtime story to your children. You will find all this and more in the 200s.

The 300-399 section focuses on the Social Sciences. This covers a wide range of topics such as political science, economics, education, books on marriage and the family, divorce, customs, etiquette and folklore. You will also find books on law, the military, and the stock market. If you are looking for information on writing a living will, finding the best college or reviewing sample questions to study before taking the ACT, youíll find it here. The 400-499 series is the Language section. Whether you need a French dictionary, want to learn some Latin or teach yourself Spanish, the Cottage Grove Community Library will be able to help you. Books and videos on sign language will also be in this section.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics is the focus of the 500-599 series. This section will include books on animals, space, planets, constellations, oceans, sea shores, volcanoes, earthquakes and basic algebra, to name a few. The 600-699 section is Technology area, but that doesnít begin to describe what you will find here. There will be books on health and nutrition, human anatomy and puberty, diet books and medical books. . There will be books on prescription drugs, auto repair manuals, agriculture and gardening, plus books on pet care, woodworking, cookbooks and building a deck. Looking for a new recipe for a dinner party, cookout or special holiday meal? This section will be extensive and always popular.

The 700-799 series is the Arts section. Whether you are planning a visit to the Louvre in Paris, want to look up a particular artist, or want to figure out how that new digital camera you bought works, this will be the section for you. There will also books on home decorating, crafts, knitting, quilting, landscaping and architecture. And donít forget sports! Every sports topic imaginable will be covered in this section, including the Green Bay Packers, skateboarding, hunting and fishing. And, thee will be prices guides to help you determine the value of antiques and collectibles, such as coins, stamps, depression glass, dolls and baseball cards. Literature is the focus of the 800-899 series. You will find authors here ranging from Shakespeare to Dave Barry. This section will also include poetry, short stories and plays. Maybe you need to make a toast for a wedding or retirement party. Your library will be able to help. The 900-999 series is the Geography and History area. Maybe you like to read about World War II, or need an atlas to find a country you have never seen on a map before, or want to read about a President or First Lady. Are you planning a trip to Hawaii, a cruise to the Bahamas or Alaska? The youíll be able to check out the Fodorís or other travel guides. Biographies are in 921, which will be a very popular section.

Well, that covers non-fiction, so whatever your hobby or special interest, the library will have something for you. And remember, if we donít have it in our library, we can easily borrow it from another library. If it is in LINK, the Library Interchange Network, it will come from another South Central Library System library. which includes all the libraries in Wood, Portage, Adams, Sauk, Columbia, Dane, and Green counties. If it is not in LINK, we can search WorldCat and it will come from another library in Wisconsin or anywhere in the country. All at no charge. Other collections in our new library will include large print books, DVDs and videos. We will have only new release feature films plus non-fiction movies as well, such as exercise. travel and home repair. In addition, we will have music CDs and audio books, if you would rather listen than read.

Since it took so long just to describe the collections, I didnít have time to get to library adult service offerings. Next time I will focus on all the services your new library will offer, including electronic resources, databases, the latest technology, and special programs and classes for adults. I will also write about reference and local history, which will be a special section of our new library. If fundraising efforts are successful, the Cottage Grove Community Library should open in 2018. Meanwhile, the Book Mobile will continue to visit Cottage Grove on Wednesdays from 4:30-8:00 p.m. in the Marketplace Shopping Center parking lot.

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