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Earth Day during 2010 is on April 22
4/18/2010 - Ken Dahl, Cottage Grove Economic Development Corporation
Ways to conserve on water usage and save money

Tips to help conserve water and save money in the process.

A - Turn off the water while not rinsing your toothbrush while brushing. The same would be true while shaving with a personnel razor.

B - Fix any leaky faucets, why let money run down the drain? Leaky faucets can account for up to 10% of water usage.

C - Install low-flow faucet aerators on your bathroom and kitchen faucets. This is inexpensive and could save you as many as 1700 gallons per year.

D - Install a new showerhead in your home. regular showerheads us three (3) to five (5) gallons per minute.

New low flow showerheads only use a miserly one (1) to two (2) gallons per minute. Taking shorter showers can save two (2) gallons or more for every minute you shorten your shower.

As an added benefit your also saving on heating the extra hot water.

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