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Leave less of a Carbon Footprint
5/15/2010 - Ken Dahl, Cottage Grove Economic Development Corporation
Actions you and your family can take to reduce your carbon footprint at work, at home or at play.


1. Use the library instead of buying music, movies or books

2. Replace light bulbs with more energy efficient ones

3. Put in a programmable thermostat

4. Take shorter showers

5. Insulate your water heater

6. Donate your gently used items

7. Opt out of junk mail go to www.dmachoice.org

8. Use cold water to wash you clothes and use outside clotheslines int he summer

9. Properly recycle used florescent bulbs

10. Recycle old mercury thermostats or thermometers

11. Use tax credits to improve the energy efficiency of your home

12. Use 'green' or eco-friendly cleaners

13. Use natural lawn care products

14. Leave your clippings on your lawn

15. Compost and use it to fertilize your flowers or garden

16. Look for the Energy Star logo when replacing appliances

At your meals

1. Eat locally grown or produced foods

2. Use cloth napkins

3. Use water from the tap rather than bottled water

4. Place vegetable scraps in your compost bin

On vacation

1. Vacation in Wisconsin

2. Use the State Parks, teach your children the value of nature

3. Do not transport firewood, burn it where you use it

On your way to work

1. Walk, use your bike or car pool

2. Make sure your bike or car tires are properly inflated

3. Avoid drive thru lanes, park and shut off the car

4. Run your errands on the way to or from work

At work

1. Use a reusable cup or mug

2. Have the printer set to double sided coping

3. Turn off the computer, monitors and printer at the end of the day

4. Unplug seldom used items like chargers when not in use

Can you come up with any other ideas?

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